I will just say it, 2016 was a hell of a year. Like a train with no brakes, life seems to keep progressing and moving faster with no sign of slowing down. 2016 ended being the busiest year yet.


The theme of the year was travel and new places. In my line of work, I am blessed to travel a lot, however it usually encompasses going to the same place repeatedly. I am happy to say, I traveled more days than I ever have before, and was able to go to many new places.


I ended the year with;

  • 303 nights away from home
  • 19 countries visited
  • 39 states visited
  • 210,000 airline miles traveled
  • 650+ hours piloting various airplanes
  • 46 rental car rentals encompassing 170 days
  • Temperature variation – 110ᵒ F (Africa), -21ᵒ (Fargo, ND)

I am not sure what 2017 has in store. Ashley taught me a long time ago that life is a lot more fun without a plan. I am going into this year with an open mind. I have a hunch that change is on the horizon, what that change looks like? Who knows…. Here is to 2017, and living each day like it is the last.


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