After spending the entire previous day in the Blue Mountains we wanted to spend day six near the beach enjoying the magnificent weather. We rented a great little cottage (from AirBnB) right outside of Bouddi National Park (about an hour north of Sydney) to sleep the previous evening. It turned out to be a stellar deal and it was nice waking up so close to the wilderness.

Our first destination on day 6 would be Palm Beach. I first heard about Palm Beach from a show that Ashley and I have come to really enjoy called Home and Away. It is an Australian soap similar to The OC. I happen to be a sucker for shows like that, plus it was often the only thing on besides rugby when we had our campervan in NZ. Anyway, Home and Away is shot in Palm Beach and all the scenes are beautiful so I wanted to check it out. It turned out to be the affluent side of Sydney. It reminded me a lot of Malibu in California. The beaches were absolutely gorgeous as were the people. A place I could see myself living!

After a nice stroll and picnic along the beach we headed down to Manly. Manly and Manly Beach is on the north end of Sydney Harbour. It also happens to be where a lot of the high income folks live in Sydney. It is also a well-known surfing destination and a great way to “get away from the big city.” Ash had a nice time shopping and I enjoyed the surf until it was time for dinner. For dinner we rode the Manly ferry across the harbour at sunset to have a fantastic meal at a local authentic German restaurant. Sydney Harbour is brilliant any time of day but seeing the sun set behind the famous Harbour Bridge and Opera house was spectacular. A mental picture I’ll never forget.

Our route:


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