If I haven’t already gotten your attention by the graphic feature image, listen to this.  What if you could get bigger boobs without implants?  What if your grandpa had a heart attack and he could grow new heart tissue to heal?  What if your liver started to fail but you could grow new liver tissue?

All of these are possible, and this new medical breakthrough has brought these far out ideas into the realm of possibility. 

Chris Calhoun, the 44-year-old CEO of San Diego-based biotech company Cytori Therapeutics, has been researching and developing a new technique that allows him to take fat from a women’s hips and insert it into her breasts.  What is so fundamental about the procedure is he has found stem cells in the fat from a persons midsection.  This allows the fatty tissue to now form into breast tissue.

This article is extremely interesting, especially for women.  I cannot recommend reading it enough!! Please take 10 minutes to read it and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Click here, or click on the picture for the link to the article.



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