For a few days last week the International Cessna 195 Club had their annual fly-in (September 27-30, 2012). As most of my readers know by now, Ashley’s dad has a 195 and plays a big part in the 195 club. He was kind enough to invite us to attend this year. It was a fantastic time! Ashley and I also happened to be awarded the title of furthest traveled to attend the convention! Our journey took us through 12 states (Texas to New York), and one foreign country (Canada) before finally making it to Frankfurt, Kentucky for the fly-in.

In the following days I will be highlighting different parts of our 2 week long journey to the 195 convention. The reason I am doing this post a bit out of order is because I promised to have the plane photos up in a “timely manor.”  😉

Below is a few photos of some the beautiful 195’s brought to the convention. The club members come from all over the USA and the world. There was even a family there from Sydney, Australia! Ash and I had a fantastic time and made a lot of memories we’ll share for a lifetime.

Enjoy the photos!

[The photos are public domain and can by saved and used by anyone for personal use. I only ask for photography credit when using.] 

[nggallery id=129]

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