It may take superlative skills to fly such a rare bird, but it doesn’t take any effort to admire the beauty of her lines. It is a true passion, that of a 195 pilot. It is a love-hate relationship. She takes extra care but will she ever repay it tenfold. The sound of that ol’ Jacob’s, it begins as a purr off in the distance. Quick; before we can turn there she is… loud, glistening in the sun, for a split second we are captivated; transfixed on personification in motion… there she goes. It is a rare moment that never gets old. Our eyes turned skywards waiting for our next glimpse of the beautiful Businessliner in its natural habitat.

The Cessna 195 is a unique plane among planes. There are few planes that demand attention like the 195. There are even fewer that draw men, women, and children, who don’t know anything about airplanes except that what they are looking at defines the golden age of aviation.

This past weekend we all gathered in Tupelo, Mississippi to share our love of this magnificent airplane. 28 Cessna 195s flew in from every corner of the country, including two from Canada. We spent time exploring the beauty of northern Mississippi, even visiting William Faulkner’s home in Oxford. We visited a working Catfish farm and enjoyed a bounty of delicious fried food. We did a bunch of flying, including flying in to a gorgeous private grass strip. Most importantly we spent time amongst our great friends, sharing our love of aviation.

Friday evening, the Robertson’s took Ashley and I up in their 195 to take photos of the Twin Beech/195 formation flight. Some of the photos are below… enjoy!

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