Before I begin the story from this weekend, a quick note: This Memorial Day, my deepest gratitude goes to all those who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. Military, especially my father, Jerry Brown. Thank you for your selfless service to our beautifully free country.

Over the long weekend Ashley and I took her Cub from Houston up to north Arkansas to Gaston’s White River Resort along the White River in North Arkansas. The Cessna 195 club was having a club caravan to Gaston’s and since we don’t have a 195, the Cub seemed like the next best thing!

Gaston’s is a beautiful private fly-in resort and trout fishing Mecca. The resort covers over 400 acres with two miles of river frontage, and has 79 cottages ranging in size from two double beds and a bathroom to a two-story cottage with ten private bedrooms. The airstrip is 3200 feet of neatly manicured grass. They have over 70 boats with a huge two story state-of-the-art dock to hold them. There is a restaurant, private club, gift shop, tennis court, playground, swimming pool, duck pond, game room, and two nature trails. It is a great place for a long weekend getaway. 

The weekend consisted of a lot of flying – North Arkansas is beautiful country to fly a Cub low and slow. The small hills, meandering rivers, and limestone cliffs make for some fun flying! There was also a STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) competition and flour bombing contest. Ashley’s father competed in the STOL competition and won the landing portion, however some of the more powerful Super Cub’s were able to takeoff a bit shorter. All-in-all, not bad for a plane from 1946! Ashley and I competed in the flour bombing contest. Though never officially announced, we were told we came in second. Also, not bad for our first time dropping flour bombs!

It was a fun weekend with old friends, a few new ones, a lot of flying, a few minutes of relaxing, and beautiful landscapes. Once again, all made possible by the sacrifice of our military vets. Happy Memorial Day!


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