It was time to leave home and head back to Texas after a great 8 days in Telluride. The San Juan’s are known to have quite unpleasant weather at times, and it can move in quickly. It’ll be sunny and 12 degrees C one hour and the next it’ll be a blizzard and the roads will quickly be covered, a 4wd car is almost a necessity in order to get in or out. As I was skiing the last day, I noticed a storm moving in over Wilson Mesa and knew it was worse over by Lizard Head Pass, the only feasible way out of Telluride this time of year. We decided to cut the day short by a few hours and head down into the desert. Good thing we did because had we waited an hour or two longer our 2wd car would have been stuck through the night. In lieu of leaving early, we decided to hit up Mesa Verde National Park. I’ll have more about the significance of the park and our time there in the next post. For now, enjoy this panoramic photo.






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