Day 30 was a transition day from Queenstown back to Wanaka. On the way we stopped to try some of Central Otago’s famous Pinot Noir at Gibbston Valley. New Zealand has a lot of famous wine making regions. Central Otago (the 45th parallel region) is known for the Pinot Noir and Gibbston Valley is the oldest in the area. For 15 NZ Dollars we got to go on a tour and sample 6 wines. While I didn’t much like the Pinot Noir, they had a few others that were drinkable. (It has nothing to do with their wine in particular; I just strongly dislike any wine that has any fruit or sweet taste to it which Pinot Noir apparently all has). Though it was quite cool to have a tour of their wine cellar. One day I’ll have one of my own!
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