Day 32 would prove to be Ashley’s favorite day yet! At the Wanaka airport there is a flight school run by our friends Pete and Julie. Pete has two 1942 British Tigermoth bi-wing airplanes. Ashley and I being pilots, flying these airplanes was obviously on our to do list. Unfortunately, I had a prior work engagement come up so I couldn’t fly but Ashley was able to get in the air with Pete. I don’t know if I have ever seen Ashley so happy. She was jumping for joy before and after the flight! Getting to fly an airplane that was from the same era as her grandfather was something “extremely special,” she said. Another interesting quirk about the plane is it has no breaks! Something that she said, “took some getting used to but proved to be quite fun in the end.”  Since it was an introduction to type flight it didn’t come without some instructing from Pete. She got to do some stalls, spins (the Tigermoth is extremely prone to spinning), and a few patterns, landings plus see the most beautiful Wanaka countryside from the air. After the flight Pete said she was a natural… which we all already knew! Even though I wasn’t able to go I couldn’t have been happier for my pilot. How many people can say they flew a WWII era bi-wing airplane in Wanaka, New Zealand! How COOL!
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