Last week I flew to the interior Northwest on a quick trip. I love the coastal northwest but this was the first time I was truly able to explore the interior Northwest (North Idaho, East Washington, and central British Columbia). The beauty in our country is astounding and I’m always amazed at how much is left out there to explore. This trip I took a page out of my mom’s playbook and enjoyed the wildflowers blooming all throughout the area. Considering Texas is already in the mid-nineties, a break from the heat was a welcome relief. (As the rest of the country was complaining about our abnormally cold winter, I was one of the few who was quite enjoying it)! I spent a few hours enjoying downtown Spokane and the powerful Spokane River waterfall. On my last day I went north to British Columbia and to one of my favorite little towns, Nelson, BC, Canada. Nelson is a gorgeous little town right along Kootenay Lake. Some of the nicest, most eclectic people I’ve ever encountered are in Nelson.

I highly recommend visiting this area. The people are quite friendly and there are endless possibilities for outdoor activities.

The last few photos are of a HUGE sunflower field just south of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. These are the neatest flowers and seeing a whole army of them with their faces pointed toward the sun is breathtaking. Of course, Ashley and I acted as though we were five years old again and spent a few minutes running through the field goofing around. Life isn’t meant to be taken too seriously 😉

Enjoy the photos (all shot with an iPhone 4S).

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