Over Valentine’s Day weekend, Ashley and I took a quick “get-away” to Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula.

As you can tell, I am running behind on my blog posts so I am going to leave this one short and let the photos do the talking.

Our first night in Seattle, we went to the Ben Howard concert at The Moore Theater. For those unfamiliar with Ben Howard, I highly recommend looking him up. He has some great singer-songwriter tunes. The next day we spend exploring the greater Seattle area and spent a few hours at the Museum of Flight on Boeing Field. Later that evening we stopped by Snoqualmie Falls. Right by Snoqualmie is a famous hotel with an excellent café and spa. What a fun evening.

The next few days were spent exploring the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park. The first part of the trip we spent exploring and hiking Hurricane Ridge Rd. This road takes explorers to the top of Hurricane Ridge and offers some stunning views and hiking. That evening we ventured further west to Lake Crescent and hiked to Marymere Falls.  We ended that day in La Push on the far west coast of Washington to watch the gorgeous Pacific sunset.

That evening we stayed in the town of Forks, Washington. Little did Ashley and I know that a very popular teen book series is based in Forks, WA. Apparently, the “twilight” series of books is based in this town, making a seemingly small out of the way town a major tourist attraction. The proved difficult when we tried to find a motel to spend the night in. We ended up staying in a sketchy hotel in their “Bella Suite.” There was a shrine to the twilight characters, velvet beds, and many more odd, yet hilarious, quirks in the room. Perfect for Valentine’s Day yeah?! With Ashley and me, it is always an adventure!

The following morning we drove south to the Hoh Rainforest. Olympic National Park is situated in a temperate rain forest, making it a unique ecosystem. After a hike through the rain forest, it was time to head back to North Idaho. It was a relaxing, adventurous, and romantic weekend getaway with my girl.


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