Oshkosh 2011 Day 1

There have been slow blog updates the last few days due to the fact I was having a blast with my father, girlfriend and her father in Oshkosh, WI! 

The four amigos, us, went up to EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Airventure airshow last week to fulfill one more item on my bucket list.  It was the first time for my dad and I and needless to say, we were astonished at the magnitude of the place.  Not just the land area it covers but the amount of planes, the amount of people, everything.  It is quite impossible to explain the scale without actually seeing it in person.  I had great expectations on my way to Oshkosh; those were blown out of the water at first sight.  There isn’t anything else like it in the world.  If you like planes, technology, or anything having to do with aviation this is the place to be at the end of July.

Ash and her father flew up in their private plane early in the week (Sunday) and my dad and I flew commercial on Thursday morning.  Our trip there began much to early, 4:30am to be precise.  Once we boarded the plane at DFW we were promptly informed of a weather delay in Chicago.  We were able to connect through Chicago and board the plane to Green Bay, just in time, where Ash and her Father picked us up. 

Day one was spent getting a feel for the aviation spectacle that is Oshkosh.  It would be hard to see everything in the 10 days the airshow is open so in just four days we were confined to only seeing highlights.  We walked around a bunch and spent most of that morning in the main viewing area which held all the big Navy planes (KC-135, F-18’s, F-16’s, B29 Superfortress, etc., etc.).  The overall theme of the show was celebrating 100 years of Navy aviation.  A good portion of the planes being flown and on the tarmacs was Navy planes from the past 100 years.  How far we have come in only 100 years of aviation! Spectacular. 

We also got to see ASIMO (@asimo) perform.  Whoa, it was almost creepy how life-like this little robot was.  I had to remind myself that there wasn’t a little three foot kid dressed in a robot outfit.  Seeing little ASIMO was a BIG highlight from the trip!

That afternoon we watched the first airshow, unfortunately it was hindered by a low ceiling (which in perspective wasn’t as low or controversial as the debt ceiling but that is another topic).  It was still quite a show, with fly-bys, acrobatics, dog fights, aerobatic helicopters, and anything else one could imagine.  I am not sure how it is for the masses but I cannot help but get emotional seeing such beauty flying through the air.  Knowing what those aircraft have done for our country, seeing such power and beauty, I don’t know how anyone could not get emotional.  Either way it was great.

That evening we had a great dinner at a local restaurant in Oshkosh; soon after we hit our tents to rest up for the next eventful day.


The way I am going to do the pictures are as follows.  Below you’ll see the pictures from day one.  The next two days I’ll post pictures from day two and three respectively.  The next day (baring any setbacks) I’ll post the pictures from the week Ashley took with her camera.  A few days (possibly a week) later I’ll post the video I’m working on from the event.  I have high hopes for my video because I got some epic footage (I think).  Stay tuned each day for further updates.  I apologize in advance if I am behind a day or two on some of the updates.  I am still trying to catch up on all my work from the days I missed.  I also have a photo-shoot tomorrow that may take up some of my picture editing time.  I’ll do my best, cheers!

Marky B

PS – These pictures are free to anyone but please give me credit if you choose to use them.  Feel free to save them from my site.  Thanks.

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