Oshkosh 2011 Day 3

Like I mentioned, I ran into some busier days and I had to put the blog updates on hold for the weekend.  No worries, the picture updates are back!

Day three was a shorter day at Oshkosh.  We had planned on leaving Sunday but weather was blowing in from Canada and we didn’t want to get stuck there Sunday while the weather passed so we left a day half a day early. 

That morning we all woke up early and headed over to Pioneer airport (a small grass strip still on Oshkosh property) for a helicopter ride.  It is a small Bell 47 that takes two passengers up at a time directly over the airport.  It gives an extremely cool perspective of the airport and airshow.  It really puts how massive the airshow is into perspective.  It is planes, campers, and people as far as the eye can see.

After the ride we headed over to the Oshkosh museum which had a display of Burt Rutan’s SpaceShipOne and the Voyager plane.  The first was the first private ship in space the second was the first nonstop fuel flight around the world.  Stunning works of aviation & its history.

After checking out a few of the convention halls we packed the tents up and headed out on our way home to Texas.

The flight back was wicked great.  Stayed at 6500 ft. most of the way back with a fuel stop in Kansas City. 

This isn’t the end of the Oshkosh posts though!  Even though this is the end of my pictures I still have all of Ashley’s pictures to post.  If I am able to get those all edited tonight that will be the post for tomorrow.

I also love all the epic feedback I have been getting.  I attended a KHB concert this weekend with Ash and I had multiple people tell me how much they loved our travel pictures.  I can’t say enough how great it is to receive feedback, good or bad. 

See everyone tomorrow,


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