Purakaunui Falls & The Southern Most Point, New Zealand from Mark Brown on Vimeo.

After camping at Purakaunui Bay, Ash and I headed further south along the Southern Scenic Route. We drove through Balcutha and the Catlins. Just before leaving the Catlins we stopped at Purakaunui Falls.

We then drove further south, eventually reaching the southernmost point on the south island…. And the furthest south we have ever been. It is well past the 45th parallel, meaning we were closer to the South Pole than to the Equator!

What isn't seen in the video is that the road through the Catlin Mountain's was covered with black ice that morning. It made driving on New Zealand crazy roads even more difficult! We also almost ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. The drive to Purakaunui Bay the night before had taken much longer than anticipated and the only gas station in the Catlin's was out of gas! We had 3 literes left in out tank when we finally reached a petrol station. Needless to say, we didn't let the campervan get below a half a tank the rest of the trip.

Music: (Used by license)
Lord Huron
I Will Be Back One Day

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