As I mentioned in the 195 post a few days ago, Ashley and I recently took a random and long road trip. Our journey took us through 11 states and over 1800 miles. We drove a 26 foot Penske truck from Houston, Texas to Johnstown, New York. While I cannot divulge the contents of the truck, I will say it was quite an odd trip. Our employer had rented a truck with a truck driver but at the last minute the driver backed out and Ashley and I were volunteered. We are always up for an adventure so we hopped in and began our journey.

Day 1: we left Houston and drove to Hattiesburg, Mississippi where we would spend the night. There wasn’t much that happened on day 1 except for driving clear through Louisiana in a huge truck. Oh, and the truck was governed at 70 mph; Making it near impossible to pass another truck going 69 mph. An adventure this would be.

Day 2: Hattiesburg, Miss to Roanoke, Virginia. After leaving Hattiesburg we drove to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to check out the University of Alabama. Then we drove through Birmingham, Chattanooga, and Knoxville, Tennessee before finally stopping in Roanoke, VA for the evening.

Day 3: Roanoke, VA to Scranton, Pennsylvania. Day 3 would finally be a little more than just driving. After leaving Roanoke we drove to Charlottesville, VA. Charlottesville is the home of all things Thomas Jefferson (my favorite president). We first stopped at Monticello, Jefferson’s home. After exploring the grounds we drove to downtown Charlottesville where the University of Virginia is located. Jefferson designed the Rotunda in the middle of campus. We parked the truck and walked all over U of V to check out the grounds. James Madison once owned all the land the University sits on.  The campus is beautiful and is full of history. It was nice being able to get out of the truck for a while and explore the culturally rich gems of American history. After leaving Charlottesville we drove through Shenandoah National Park. I didn’t realize how hilly the roads were and we ended up losing our breaks and transmission going down one of the steep grades on our way out of the park. Luckily there was a run-off on the shoulder we were able to get slowed down enough on where we could wait for our breaks and tranny to cool down. Who knew driving a 13 foot tall truck could be so complicated?! We then drove north to Washington DC (although we couldn’t get the truck into the city center so we did not stop here). Then we went on through Baltimore and headed north to Scranton, Pennsylvania where we would spend the night.

Day 4: Scranton, Penn to Johnstown, New York. Day 4 would be the prettiest part of the drive. The drive up highway 83 from Binghamton, NY to Johnstown was gorgeous. The weather was beautiful and the trees were just beginning to change into autumn colors.

We made it! 1900 miles and 11 states later we had become seasoned truck drivers. In the World of Mark and Ashley life is always an adventure! Little did we know this was just the beginning. Stay tuned.

Our journey:


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