A few weeks back, I had the fantastic opportunity to fly to Seattle for work to do some demo’s and sales calls.

The flight out there, was a bit burly due to a low cloud deck and some potential for icing. However, I was with my good friend Kelly, who is one of the best pilots I know, so I knew between the two of us, things would go alright. For the most part, I’ll let the pictures do the talking since there were parts of this trip that I just cannot describe with my limited vocabulary.

Quickly, I’ll share two of my highlights from the trip. First, getting to land the floatplane on Lake Union, then taking off to the south, flying directly between downtown Seattle and the space needle, then the landing to the south at Boeing Field, with beautiful Mount Rainier staring us in the face on final approach was certainly a highlight. People pay hundreds of dollars for a flight like this, and I am getting paid to do it! It was a pinch myself kind of moment.
Second, and by far the coolest moment of the trip, was getting to sit right seat in a deHavilland Beaver DHC – 2, and learn a little bit about how to fly it. Then we landed it on Portage Bay, taxied under the highway 5 bridge, then took off from Lake Union to the south toward downtown Seattle. This moment was one of those, “I’ll never forget this moments.”
The rest of the week there was spent with good friends, new friends, great coworkers, and a whole heck of a lot of really neat airplanes! Enjoy.

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