For those who have not already figured it out, the point of our trip to New York was to pick up her dad’s plane that just finished a year and a half restoration. Bill, the Cessna 195 maestro, graciously let us spend the night in his beautiful home an hour and a half north west of Albany. The next morning we headed to the airport and packed up for the journey from upstate New York back to Houston, TX. Our first fuel stop was in Portsmouth, OH. Then, we flew to Memphis to spend the evening with our good friend Darren, his wife Teja, and their two awesome kids Jesse & Julia . The next morning we took the winter kit off the front of the 195 and went to lunch with Darren and his family. Then we got in the plane and headed back to Houston for an early evening arrival. It was a crazy 16 days but like always, Ashley and I love a good adventure. I must point out the quality of friends that Ashley and I have. In 16 solid days of travel, not one night was spent in a hotel. In every place, we had friends that were more than willing to take us in and host us. Life is all about relationships and I feel extremely blessed to have incredible friends all over the world that will take me in on short notice. With all the nonsense and negativity going on in this world, the kindness of people is something I can always count on. To all our friends that helped us out this trip, from the bottom of my heat, thank you.
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